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Sep 29, 2011 4:00pm EDT
money they're getting paid to not talk about it. former michigan governor jennifer granholm knows full well the consequences of avoiding those debates. detroit still reeling from the financial crisis of '08. and as the governor argues the political talking points, whether it's on lower taxes or deregulations and markets simply ant the answer. jennifer granholm and her husband dan mullhern are authors of a new book, "governor's story: the fight for jobs and america's future." last i saw you, we were talking about the need to focus on efficiency rather than the fuel source debate as one example of the debates that america deserves that it does not get. explain to me how it is that we can get to having the debates that we all want to engage in, from efficiency and learning that health and jobs. >> dylan, the reason why we wrote this the book is because michigan's experience, really, what's happening to the nation now has happened to michigan over the past decade. everyone's scratching their heads about how to figure out how to create jobs in america in a global economy, private sector job
Sep 26, 2011 1:00pm PDT
perry in michigan with romney the victor there. both of these results were telling us two things. one, there is no clear gop front-runner. and two, maybe the straw poll really isn't much of an indication of what voters want. maybe that is why republican fund-raisers are once again begging, pleading, anything they can really probably conjure to get new jersey governor chris christie to jump into the race, because at least he represents a credible conservative voice in some people's eyes. let's turn to the megapanel. imogen lloyd webber, tim carney, and sam seder. do you agree with my analysis, tim? >> i think the fact of the matter is that the republicans do not have somebody that they love right now. and that means that they're going to do what they always do, which is settle for the other guy. who's the person in "pride & prejudice," not mr. darcy, the other guy. anyway, that's who republicans end up marrying, the one who they're supposed to marry -- >> except she married mr. darcy. >> yeah, they're not as smart as her. so mitt romney is that guy. and they're going to end up set
Sep 22, 2011 1:00pm PDT
michigan established in 1870. think about the amount of years it's took to build that university into a business institution. you made the choice to come to that school, you've made that choice to gain that scholarship. they've chosen you and you've chosen them and you've been given $40,000 in education over a four-year period of time. that's your due diligence, that's your payment to the school for them allowing you to be there. >> taylor, a fairly rational case for protection of amateurism. how do you respond to that? >> well, it's pretty easy. i mean, to say that getting your scholarship is all the pay you'll ever need is like telling somebody like because they've got medical insurance, they don't need a salary or they're not entitled to a salary. it begs the question. i'm not saying that any school or college must or should pay athletes. all i'm saying is that it's not fair to ban and prohibit them to band together in a cartel and say we're not going to do it so we can keep the money. and no college is allowed to offer money to a player and no player is allowed to receive any or eve
Sep 5, 2011 1:00pm PDT
walls. >> this is my first day here in michigan city, isp. when i came in, i saw the wall, of course. and that was kind of intimidating. basically, we took guns, went into peoples' houses. a lot of bad stuff happened during the robbery. a lady was shot multiple times with a gun. lady was made to strip. turned out not so good. my mom passed two months before i came -- before i got locked up. i basically just -- i was -- i didn't care. i was wild. just one of those nights that we was drunk. and we just -- >> new arrivals, like knight, are housed in "g" unit. it is a locked-down dormitory where they will stay for a few days until they complete orientation and can be assigned a bed in general population. in the meantime, they have little to do other than to think. >> i try to keep anything negative out of my head, because i don't like to stress too much over things. i don't want it to tear me up, because it's big. facing 70 years. >> can you get mr. knight for me? he's 18 years old. he's been in trouble with the law since he's 14. he ain't been outside much, out of a secured facility muc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)